Fantasy Premier League

A Friendly Introduction to FPL Analytics

In this post, I tried to summarize the basics about using analytical tools and methods for Fantasy Premier League (FPL). There is certainly more out there than I can cover, but I hope this will help newcomers to understand what analytics is and how it can help you enjoy FPL more. Similar ideas can be applied to other fantasy sports games as well. Part 1: Seeing Beyond the Curtain (Underlying Stats) You are sitting on your couch on a Saturday morning and suddenly remember that you have to transfer someone for your FPL team to beat your friend in that mini-league.

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Reflections from my first FPL season

If you ask any Fantasy Premier League (FPL) player on Twitter about what word has been beaten to death last season, they’d likely respond with “optimal”. I must admit that I played a part in starting or fuelling more than my fair share of these discussions… There are optimal ways to play FPL. — Sertalp B. Çay (@sertalpbilal) March 29, 2021 It might come as a suprise to some that I had never heard of FPL before August of 2020, just a week before I went on vacation.

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